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Nano Zinc Oxide Purity 95%

Product Description


Rubber and tire industry is the largest user of Zinc Oxide, in the rubber vulcanization process, can increase the physical properties of rubber. Zinc Oxide is also used in paint, ink, varnished cloth color. It can also be used as lubricating oil additives, water treatment and catalyst and other chemical industries. Zinc Oxide is the use of wet chemical production of ultra fine active Zinc Oxide. It has a large surface area, can be very good dispersion in the rubber, harmful impurities content is low, the amount of the princess in the rubber indirect method of Zinc Oxide 50-70%, its performance indicators are as follows:
Physical properties:
Appearance: slightly yellow powder, 100% spherical particles with an average particle size of 30 nm. 0.4-0.5 g / ml.
Bulk density:
Specific surface area (BET): 40-60 m2 / g.
Sieve residue (44 micron sieve): less than 0.10%.
Chemical analysis:
Burn weight loss: less than 3%
Water: less than 1%
CuO (Cu) less than 0.0005
MnO (Mn) less than 0.003
PbO (Pb) less than 0.0001 (XRF)


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