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Skin care products raw material: silicone elastomer


Product Description

Product name: Silicone elastomer


INCI name: Crosslinked mixture of cyclopentadimethylsiloxane and polydimethylsiloxane



The product is a blend of high molecular weight silicone elastomer powder and cyclic siloxane. During use, the product cannot be completely dissolved in grease, and can only exist in the form of stable dispersion. The product has very delicate skin feeling, strong powder feeling, no oil feeling, super matte effect, and also has the characteristic of long-lasting powder slip, which can give the skin a long-lasting smooth, tender, moist and comfortable touch, can cover skin fine lines, and can provide instant wrinkle removal effect.




Product pictures:

 TY-512S 3.jpg


TY-511S 5.jpg


TY-511S 4.jpg



Main application:  Skin Care Cream Products, Cosmetic Products, Wrinkle Covering Efficacy Products








Non-volatile matter content (%): 20


Features:Extremely high viscosity and dryness


Advantages: Strong covering power, easy spreading, no mud, strong powder feeling and slippery feeling

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