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Washed kaolin clay powder for plastics


Product Description


Kaolin powder

Main advantages:

1. Due to the high collar rock high purity, low content of harmful elements, so the process is simple, not only products and white degree is high, the average white degree can reach 93%, the highest whiteness can reach 97%, for paper can improve the whiteness of coated paper, part instead of titanium dioxide, can reduce the cost.

 2. Viscosity concentration is high, can reach 74%, good dispersibility, and compared with natural and synthetic adhesives and other additives in the formula has good compatibility, can make the coating has good rheological properties, especially suitable for internal coating for high solid content of coating machine to use.

 3. The abrasion value is low, material is heated evenly, never appear local burnt, the abrasion value test is only 3.6 mg / 2000 times.




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Technical Specification:

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