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Organic Silicone Diffusion Powder


Product Description

 LED diffusion agent, LED astigmatism agent and LCD light diffusion agent
The appearance of white ball shaped micro powder (beads) pH value of 7
The effective substance content was 99 (%) CAS 67763-03-5
Product Name: (LED diffusion agent, LED astigmatism agent, LCD light diffusion agent)
Product specification: TY-838
Average particle size: 20um
Particle size distribution: 1~4um
Refractive index: 1.43
Packing specification: 20KG/ bag
Application recommendation:
TY-383: multi-functional special silicone resin ball shaped micro beads, widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, personal care, cosmetics and other fields. Especially as a high efficiency organic light diffusion agent, or added into the coating, or added directly into transparent resin (PC, PMMA, PS, MS), or added to the epoxy adhesives are made of rubber, coating, astigmatism, astigmatism astigmatism, astigmatism plate injection molding parts, etc., has been widely used in LCD, LED packaging, LED lampshade (light device cover), LED tube filler etc..
To get further improvement in purity, sphericity, the microstructure of powder control, surface modification, heat resistance, etc., especially suitable for brightness, brightness, light diffusion efficiency and pervious to light quality have higher requirements of LED lighting, LCD diffusion plate etc..
Light diffusion agent series, a new type of high efficiency silicone flame retardant series, the above products are fully available year round, batch supply, warmly welcome new and old customers call or contact people to cooperate!


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