Fumed hydrophobic silica fume gel

Product name: Fumed hydrophobic silica fume gel



Hydrophobic silicon dioxide is generally a post-processed product. Different types of silica can be used as raw materials to react with suitable compounds through silica alkyl groups. This product is hydrophobic due to the surface connection of methyl groups which are not hydrolyzed. Unlike the original hydrophilic silica, hydrophobic gaseous silica can not be wetted by water. Although the density of hydrophobic gaseous silica is greater than that of water, they can float on water. After hydrophobicity, the amount of water absorbed will be greatly reduced than that of the original hydrophilic silicon. By surface treatment of fumed silica, its technical properties can be optimized in some specific application fields, which can effectively improve the rheological properties of many liquid polymer systems, especially in epoxy resin systems.



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Main application: Industrial field








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