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Cosmetic grade bentonite clay for face mask

Product name: Cosmetic grade bentonite clay



 Organic bentonite is an inorganic mineral/organic ammonium compound. It is made from bentonite as raw material, using the lamellar structure of montmorillonite in bentonite and its ability to swell and disperse in water or organic solvent into colloid-grade clay particles, and inserting organic covering agent through ion exchange technology. Organic bentonite can form gel in various organic solvents, oils and liquid resins. It has good thickening property, thixotropy, suspension stability, high temperature stability, lubricity, film forming property, water resistance and chemical stability. It has important application value in coating industry. It is also widely used in paint and ink, aviation, metallurgy, chemical fiber, petroleum and other industries.



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Main application: Cosmetic field, face mask, etc.








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