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From the news of the Beijing News on December 8, 2018, there was a deflagration of cotton cans in a chemical plant in Jinzhou.

On December 7, a chemical plant in Jinzhou exploded. At present, the fire has been extinguished, causing no casualties. According to Jinzhou release, the initial cause of the accident was that the maintenance worker ignited the materials in the silo when installing the top cover of the silo.
At 19: 51 on December 7, there was a deflagration at Shijiazhuang hehui chemical co., ltd in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province and Jinzhou circular industrial park. after the accident, firefighters rushed to save the fire. The Beijing News reporter learned from the duty room of the Jinzhou municipal government that the fire was extinguished at 20: 20 p.m. and the spontaneous combustion of cotton stored in the chemical plant caused the fire, causing no casualties. Another explosion! Residents of a chemical plant in Jinzhou exploded: boom, thought it was an earthquake.

Jinzhou released: At 7:50 p.m. on December 7, 2018, the refined cotton bunker of Shijiazhuang Hehui Chemical Co., Ltd. caught fire. The initial reason was that the maintenance worker ignited the materials in the bunker when installing the top cover of the bunker. There was no personal injury and the direct economic loss was about 1000 yuan. Jinzhou Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee
News Source: Beijing News 2018-12-08
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