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At today's press conference in the chemical city, it turned out that this chemical enterprise illegally bought and sold drugs ...

This is a classic case of cracking down on drug-related crimes that has successfully carried out a wealth investigation of crimes nationwide. Guangzhou has taken the lead in wealth investigation of drug-related crimes across the country. In order to obtain high profits, Mao mou ying and his gang were sentenced for illegally buying and selling drugs even though they knew others were making drugs. The principal offender Mao mouying was sentenced to life imprisonment for drug manufacturing and was confiscated of all his personal property, which included several properties worth about 30 million yuan.

The first instance verdict of the municipal intermediate court: Mao mouying (female, 52 years old, from Wuhan city, Hubei province) was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property for drug manufacturing. Lin mouyang (male, 47 years old, from yangjiang city, Guangdong province) and long moufeng (female, 49 years old, from Guangzhou city) were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of five years and three years respectively for drug manufacturing. Huang Mouqing (male, 48 years old, from Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province) was sentenced to seven years in prison for the crime of illegally buying and selling drugs. The verdict in this case will greatly deter and effectively curb the illegal trade in precursor chemicals and effectively purify the production and circulation of precursor chemicals.
This case is a provincial drug target case detected by Guangzhou police on October 21, 2017 in the nationwide "two dozen and two controls" and the province's "Guangdong sword anti-drug campaign". On the day of the operation, four suspects Mao mouying, Lin mouyang and long moufeng were arrested. 187 kilograms of two or three types of precursor chemicals such as chloroform, diethyl ether and sulfuric acid were seized, 14 kilograms of explosive chemicals such as nitric acid were seized, 2 chemical instrument shops, 8 chemical storage sites were seized, and 2.64 million yuan of funds involved were frozen.

In the future, crack down on drug manufacturing crimes

In the next step, Guangzhou will, in combination with the "May 14" mechanism of blocking the sources and intercepting the flow of drugs, take cracking down on the crime of manufacturing drugs as the focus of the "two dozen and two controls" special operation. Focusing on the "four elements" of "filling short boards, blocking loopholes and preventing loss", Guangzhou will closely monitor the "four elements" of personnel, raw materials, equipment and site. For enterprises involved in illegal trading of precursor chemicals, it will adopt two-way tracing work, tracing the source and the destination, digging deep into the behind-the-scenes organizers to further explore and perfect the management and control mode of precursor chemicals. Adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to protecting legitimate needs and preventing illegal losses. Cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of the "eight links" of production, management, purchase, transportation, storage, use, import and export. Strictly control key varieties and key links. Effectively control work in peacetime and in normal conditions.

At the same time, the credit rating management system for precursor chemicals enterprises will be studied and formulated in combination with the construction of a trustworthy social system. Emphasis will be placed on "quantitative scoring" and "operability" to standardize the evaluation procedures. Enterprises with unsound systems, unclear responsibilities and lax management that lead to the loss of chemicals will be included in the "blacklist" of trustworthiness. The construction of trade associations will be promoted, and rules and regulations will be established and perfected to promote self-discipline of enterprises. The order of precursor chemicals industry will be effectively standardized, the management efficiency will be improved, the Guangzhou regional closed-loop management of the whole process will be realized, and the risk of illegal sale and loss of precursor chemicals will be fully curbed.

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